Packaging at PyCon India 2019

PyCon India will be held Saturday 12th October to Tuesday 15th October in Chennai.

There’s one packaging related talk session at the event:

There is also “dev sprint” on 14-15 October, and I’m planning to be in attendance. It would (mostly) be working with folks on pip, packaging and pypa-bot (or psf-chronographer).

If anyone would be available online for help/chat during the sprint hours (9am-6pm IST, would likely start late and end early), lemme know – I’ll point folks to #pypa-dev appropriately in that case.

I don’t think I’ll be running an open space, since that’d be a bit much to do. If someone else wants to organize it, I’ll be happy to attend. :slight_smile:


I still recommend you to run it in order to show others what it is. It shouldn’t be too time consuming: my last open space attended only 2–3 ppl, a lot of folks still don’t understand what it is and why they could want to come…