Pandas Library won't find a specific excel file

Hello @MRAB that fixed it. thanks so much

Although there’s still a problem that’s odd:

import seaborn as sns
import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_excel('/content/drive/MyDrive/sales.xlsx')

The error is about the data=df on the last line it says that data is being used for multiple arguments.

It would help if you posted the traceback instead of just summarising what it says.

I’m guessing that the problem is with how you’re calling relplot.

It’s defined as relplot(data=None , * , x=None , y=None, ...).

You’re passing the first 2 arguments by position, so it’s assuming that 'Profit' is for data and 'Sales' is for x, but then you saying that df is for data. That’s a conflict.

You can fix that by putting df first and/or by also passing 'Profit' and 'Sales' by keyword:

sns.relplot(df, 'Profit', 'Sales')


sns.relplot(x='Profit', y='Sales', data=df)

It’s not able to access my files… AGAIN

nvm I found out how to fix it thx