PEP 667 -- Consistent views of namespaces

The Python Steering Council is happy to accept “PEP 667 - Consistent views of namespaces” - under the condition that the PEP text be updated to take out just the planned “to be removed in” dates for the newly deprecated APIs as part of making your PR to mark it Accepted. @markshannon @gaogaotiantian

We’ll leave those present even if deprecated or seemingly pointless for the sake of backwards compatibility and can reconsider starting their actual removal with an announcement and multi-release ticking clock at some far future date. We found no need to try and prescribe exactly when that’ll be within PEP 667.

Thanks C API WG for your review and input.
And thanks Mark and Tian and everyone who has worked on this (including Alyssa via the earlier 558!).

We believe this PEP leads us to a simpler view of namespaces that everyone wants.