PEP 713: Callable Modules

“”" Hi, thanks for writing up the nice PEP spawning the lively discussion around callable modules.

The steering council has discussed this PEP and decided to Reject it. (as I mentioned we were leaning towards in PEP 713: Callable Modules - #66 by gpshead)

We didn’t feel that there was a compelling reason to have it even though it clearly could be done from a consistency point of view. I wouldn’t be surprised if this idea comes up again in the future. If so, this is a useful prior discussion to refer to for when it does.

– The Python Steering Council
“”" - PEP 713 -- Callable Modules · Issue #191 · python/steering-council · GitHub

Tangentially related in the “modules gaining more dunder function abilities” theme… a new proposal regarding __setattr__ and __delattr__ is now also being discussed.