PEP 718: subscriptable functions

Thanks for the comments and sorry I took so long to get to this.

Yeah I don’t entirely disagree with this sentiment though I do think it does have merit to stand on its own feet as outlined at the end.

Some of the examples from the PEP were taken from real world code this wasn’t one of these pieces of code though I don’t think it’s actually that unreasonable to see a case where this could come up

Yes this came up from a library online that a friend is writing GitHub - Zomatree/Kine: React like agnostic GUI framework for Python

I’m curious if you’d be able to dig these up because they’d be useful for adding strength to the argument.

My main reasons for writing the PEP

  • Completely agree with Gudio’s point about the complexity of the types, I think this feeds into the next point nicely.
  • Symmetry with classes. I’ve had multiple people be surprised that this wasn’t already a feature. I think it is a logical change post PEP 585.
  • Prospect of runtime access. I know that this isn’t really brought up in the PEP though it is something I am working on, I did see this however as a large enough change that is should be separated from this PEP.