PEP 722: Dependency specification for single-file scripts

I guess that’s official now. :grin:

I’m fine with it as long as you can get your alternative PEP done within a week of when Paul finishes the rewrite of his PEP. That way it doesn’t greatly delay me, @courtneywebster , and our team from evaluating the PEPs, lining up user studies, etc.

I will say, though, that with Projects that aren't meant to generate a wheel and `pyproject.toml` unresolved I’m reluctant to lean into a TOML solution. I also think it will be more confusing for beginners/occasional Python developers who are going to ramp up into this way sooner than to pyproject.toml (and I’m willing to be a lot of them will never go past whichever solution is chosen as they just don’t need to; Python is still the glue language of the internet and I bet by sheer quantity makes it the largest user base of Python). But if user studies disprove this hunch then I’m open to a TOML approach.