PEP 722: Dependency specification for single-file scripts

Nope. See Record the top-level names of a wheel in `METADATA`? - #52 by thejcannon as a discussion about recording at least the top-level names.

I too would be surprised. :wink: But rejection of both PEPs is also possible, so who knows. As of right now I鈥檓 trying not to bias myself until we can try some user studies and see what the reactions are (I already have an opinion simply based on personal experience, but I want to avoid as much bias a possible in making the final decision as I can by not unconsciously discounting any feedback we get from the target audience of the PEPs).

Honestly, the August 14th was more to make sure Ofek was serious enough to write a PEP and to try and get overall PEP discussions done without them dragging on for a month. I definitely do not consider that deadline a hard one but more of an aspirational one. It seems this topic, though, is nicely staying on-topic and reaching convergence, so I鈥檓 not concerned about PEP 722 (I haven鈥檛 read the PEP 723 thread yet, though :sweat_smile:).

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