PEP 741: Python Configuration C API

My initial concern with this proposal is that I don’t believe there’s a real benefit to having initialization in the limited API.

While theoretically an embedder could use the limited API, they really ought to know the version of Python that they are using, and very likely need to know it at compile time.

Note that the APIs being discussed are only useful for embedders. Every other time we’ve had this discussion this point gets missed, so let me elevate it up front.

Certainly on Windows, every scenario where you would embed CPython is best done with your own private copy of it, and not by searching the user’s machine for an install. If for whatever reason you must use the user’s existing install, you should launch Python with your own script and import an extension module (also known as running out-of-process). The security implications of loading arbitrary code (with network access!) into your own process are terrifying, and we should not encourage it. Also, generally people want to load an existing install to get the existing 3rd party modules, but chances are the search paths will be wrong due to the excessively complicated system we have for calculating it.

I want to see a rationale for why we need version-independent embedding before we commit to a version-independent initialization API, regardless of how the API looks. That rationale isn’t in the PEP yet.