PEP for Python 3.10 release schedule (PEP 619)

Looks like the 3.9 and 3.8 release schedule PEPs were created around the time development began (when the previous version went beta).

3.10 is now in development, is there a PEP coming soon?


I am preparing the PEP as we speak :slight_smile:


And there it is, PEP 619:

Thank you!


In PEP 619 it says, “After the release of 3.10.0 final, a final 3.10 bugfix update will be released.” Now PEP 602 says, " During the first eighteen months (1½ year) it receives bugfix updates and full releases (sources and installers for Windows and macOS) are made approximately every other month."

So are you thinking of monthly releases from October 2021 to October 2022, and then a final bugfix release March 2023?

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That should have said:

" After the release of 3.11.0 final, a final 3.10 bugfix update will be released. "

Edit: Fixed!