Pip/conda compatibility

The official docs do cover conda here: Overview of Python Packaging - Python Packaging User Guide

That page as a whole is also the one that gives the broadest guidelines for choosing between different software distribution options: Overview of Python Packaging - Python Packaging User Guide

It’s also worth keeping that page in mind when folks are pointing out that there are plenty of packaging use cases that conda doesn’t address but Python-specific tools need to handle (or at least play nice with).

(One genuine criticism of that page is that we completely duck the question of “What do we do when wheel’s platform dependency declarations aren’t up to the task?” when introducing the wheel format. That would be a good place to add a forward reference to the “Separate software distribution ecosystem” section, since that’s the problem space where conda is a great tool to reach for)

conda is also listed as one of the recommended tools in Tool recommendations - Python Packaging User Guide

Edit to add: the description of conda in Installing scientific packages - Python Packaging User Guide could use some TLC