Pip is not working on python 12 demo!

for some reason pip is not on python 12 demo!

Do you mean Python 12 beta?

It may not have pip installed by default. If that’s the case, run python -m ensurepip to install it. I was able to do so myself with no trouble just now, running not only on a distributed beta of 3.12, but in fact on a freshly build from source build of the very latest 3.13.

Furthermore, if you create a new virtual environment with python -m venv, as you generally should be anyway, that will install the latest pip in that environment automatically (even if you haven’t already installed it with ensurepip). Just today I’ve used the latest pip successfully quite a bit with the very latest 3.13, built from source, to install a variety of packages in multiple different venvs, without even having it installed in the base Python.

If neither of those options work, you’re going to need to be a lot more specific here to get useful help:

  • What operating system and version are you on?
  • What exact Python version (what is the output of python --version?
  • What exact pip version do you have installed, if any (similarly, the output of python -m pip --version, and pip --version)?
  • What was the exact command(s) you ran that didn’t work?
  • Most importantly, what was the full output and error message you got when you ran that command?

Please copy and paste each of the above as text, not screenshots, in code blocks like this:

<Command and output here>