Pip not installing

So, i do not code and i’m not into this world; but i was trying to install python to run a program by myself, but everytime i try installing it, it would work, but it won’t install the “pip”. No matter what i do when searching for “pip” in the command prompot it won’t show up. Any ideas?

What operating system are you using and how did you install Python?

I’m running on windows 11, and I’ve downloaded python from the official site, also i checked the “PATH” option

@sonotley questions are good. Anyway, if you’re familiar with the command line, you can do python -m pip etcetera

This commands gets me the resoult:“No module named Pip”

What’s version of Python do you have?

Have you tried this:

or this:

Omg thank you so much, i watched and read like 20 articles/videos today to understand how and this one was the first one to say ceirtan stuff.
Thank you so much!

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