pip stops waiting for python

Hello everyone,

My name is Ignazio and I have just joined the forum, I am a retired computer scientist and I have worked mainly on Unix systems programming in ‘C’. I installed Python both on a Fedora 39 Linux server and on my Windows 10 Pro notebook. The latter choice mainly serves as a study environment, reserving the actual development on the Linux machine.

I chose to install and use Python to develop some home automation projects, both for the control part and for the interface part with the help of pyqt6.

The installation and testing on the Linux system was perfect, everything works properly.

This was not the case for the Windows system, where: after the installation of Python 3.12 was successfully completed, I opened a cmd window and tried the usual command:

C:\users\walker> python --version # receiving the correct output
Python 3.12.0

Similarly I tried with the command:

C:\users\walker> pip --version # pip gets stuck waiting

I analyze with the task manager and find pip waiting, viewing the waiting chain, it tells me that it is waiting for python.

At this point all I had to do was terminate the blocking python process and immediately afterwards pip released control without producing the usual output.

I wanted to bring this anomalous behavior to your attention, hoping that you can help me solve the problem.
Attached is the image of the Windows task manager.

Thanks, see you soon


What’s the issue with the answer that you have already been given?

I simply posted my question on different forums, in order to consult more experienced people to help me solve the problem.
The response I received is helping me to carry out a series of checks on the operating environment, with the aim of finding the critical issues.
Other contributions from other people, will be appreciated.