Please consider delaying, or even rejecting, PEP 695

Basically a +1 to Alex’s comment. I’m supportive of the idea of merging infer_variance=True in 3.12 and delaying syntax changes till 3.13. This what I had anticipated in my long post:

Defer syntax changes until the dust has settled on autovariance and PEP 696 (defaults for type variables), or reject the syntax changes outright

I’m impressed by and grateful for the work it took to make PEP 695 viable in 3.12. But I was surprised the implementation of scopes didn’t get more discussion when the PEP was being discussed, and it’s important that we feel comfortable with the implementation. I agree with others that 3.13 is a good release to nail down the interactions with PEP 696 and 649 (and e.g. to avoid slightly different syntax in the case of 696). We’ll get there when we get there.