Please consider using Gitcoin for the PSF 2020 fundraiser

Gitcoin ( is a tool built on Ethereum to fund open source projects and more. It allows you to accept DAI (a stablecoin) and ETH, there’s also an on-going matching round. All donations are multiplied and matched with a pool of funds during this period.

The creator of the project, offering to help you folks with the on-boarding + Thread of people expressing interest in donating/matching funds to the PSF if you can accept cryptocurrencies:

Personally, as a blockchain developer who uses python extensively for work, I’d love to donate and help rally community support for this.


Hi Jimmy, thanks for the suggestion. I’m already in touch Kevin from Gitcoin and we’re seeing what we can do.

How does this work? Where is the “pool of funds” coming from?

“Gitcoin Grants is an experiment where people can fund their open source projects for public benefit with QF (Quadratic Funding) matching contributions from Gitcoin’s QF Fund sponsored by donors in the Ethereum ecosystem.” from

TL;DR: This round it’s the Ethereum foundation, a few cryptocurrency exchanges, and other projects who donated to a pool that’ll eventually be paid out to grants based on how many other individual donations each grant accrues.

A great primer on quadratic funding: