Please: deactivate my account

please: deactivate my account

You can do yourself:

  • click avatar on top right
  • select person tab on occurred sheet
  • select Preferences in menu on that tab
  • select Delete My Account at bottom of screen

Sorry to see you go!

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@Dutcho it does not appear

@Dutcho Please: deactivate my account


Welcome to The Hotel California.

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@jtt brought up this very topic, here:

I bumped it a while back, but it seems that it’s being ignored.

It looks like deliberately there is no such function in Discourse (you can self-delete only a new account):

I think this is wrong. IMHO Discourse should allow you to completely anonymize your account and deactivate it (not delete).

I think that this is the best what you can do:

  • Anonymize all the account information you can edit.
  • Ask administrators here to anonymize the rest.
  • Create a throw-away email address and change the account’s email to it.
  • Set your password to a long random password and throw it away.
  • Do the same with the throw-away email account (if it does not do automatically for you).

That all seems very complicated.

Why not just stop using the account and forget all about it?

I work in the field of IT security so I understand that:

  • Personal data can be misused.
  • Abandoned accounts can be misused.

I also think that anyone should be allowed to disconnect form their past with certain exceptions regarding unethical and criminal past.

So I think that ability to anonymize or remove an old account is important.

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Agreed. The potential for abuse alone is worth having a removeMe() function.

It’s surprising how much incremental progress can be made with patience and a very small toehold (fingernail, even). I recall reading about a guy who started a long series of trades with a paperclip. He traded up slightly every time and eventually traded up to a house. It wasn’t a mansion or anything, but a pretty good trade for a paperclip!

Sorry @thomas_jacobb , I can’t (no admin rights, just a user)
And sorry for pointing to the ‘Delete My Account’ option, which apparently is only temporarily available. I don’t have it anymore myself (so also stuck in Hotel California)