PR stalled on Windows (x64) - how to get around this?

This PR is stalled on the “Windows (x64)” job, which has a status Expected — Waiting for status to be reported. It appears to have entered this status after I triggered a buildbot run on the PR. The buildbot runs have completed successfully except in one (FreeBSD) case, so I’m happy to merge the PR. However, the Windows (x64) status is blocking me from doing this - I’m not sure how to unblock – can someone please advise the best way of doing this?

One way is to close the PR and then re-open it which should trigger a restart of the CI testing. I’ve done so for your PR, let’s see what happens.

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Looks like it worked this time. Happy merging!

Thanks, Ned!

Sadly, it’s the only way to workaround such issue. It happens sometimes with Travis CI. But for Travis CI, sometimes if you wait 30 min to 1h, the status is reported back to GitHub.

If the problem becomes frequent, you can open an issue at to discuss what should be done next.