Predicting emails in python

I have a list of doctors with their full names and hospitals where their work with hospitals websites i need to predict their emails i am confused how to start doing it what first step should i take ?

What do you actually want to predict? Please be more specific as there are many things you could “predict”?

Do you want to autofil their names or hospital names, i.e a fuzzy search solution?

Your question is extremely fague and broad. Where do you want to apply this solution? In the terminal, in a Django application?

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i just need to predict doctor emails with information i have for an application because i don’t have their emails

That might be impossible. My email or usernames are often, but if that isn’t available, I opt for

But this is me and it could even be for you. Unless there is a fixed structure, you basically guessing a password and might send confidential information or time sensitive information to an incorrect or non-existing address.

can’t we do it using machine learning ?

i am just predicting emails not passwords

No, it isn’t a silver bullet to guess a random string. Otherwise we could guess the next lotto results with it.

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It is the same idea, it could be anything that the person made up. Even clashes, two doctors with the same name in the dame department would require some alteration to the norm.

Go to the websites and look them up by hand. This could possibly be automated but not trivially.

If they’re not listed then they don’t want the emails to be public.

Or, more likely, spam.

“For an application” sounds like sending a mass email to try to get a job or get into med school or something.

My (non-programming) advice is that it will be very obvious that the OP is sending a mass email, and none of the recipients will be impressed. Writing each email personally takes a lot more time but is far more effective.

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Oh, of course. My first reading of “application” was in the sense of “program”. But you’re right, that’s more likely.

Not that it’s all THAT much better.