Print out the formula filled in

I wrote a little program to roll any number of any sized dice, add any pluses, and print out the result.

Am I able to print out what the formula looks like filled in, so I can make sure the math is right?
#import module
import random

x = int(input(“What size dice?”))
y = int(input(“How many?”))
z = int(input(“Bonuses?”))
num = (random.randint(1,(y * x) + z))



Yes. You can simply add print((y * x) + z).

If I were doing that, I think that I’d be happier with a separate random number for each dice:

import random

size = int(input("What size dice? "))
dice = int(input("How many? "))

start = 1
stop = size

for rolls in range(dice):