Private ballot for voting on promoting a contributor as a core developer?

Why do you think that I wanted to formalize the process to promote a contributor? :slight_smile: Previously, it wasn’t clear when a vote ends, how many +1 votes vs -1 votes are needed, etc. Sometimes, Guido showed up and said something like “enough, the promotion is accepted”.

In my experience, many votes to promote a contributor were controversial. The “-1 vote means veto” rule was never really applied. If 3 to 5 people support a promotion, but there is a single -1: the -1 is not a veto, the candidate has been promoted anyway. A promotion has been refused when they were 2 to 3 -1 votes, whereas there were 3 or less +1. I didn’t check votes, I’m giving random numbers. My point is that in practice, it’s a more a 2/3 majority (again, this ratio is not exact science :slight_smile: ) than “any -1 is a veto”.

IMHO “any -1 vote is a veto” sounds like a great recipe to ensure that no more core dev is promoted… It’s very easy to spot a single mistake of a candidate and exaggerate it to motivate a -1 vote. This is not how I want to promote contributors.

The 2/3 majority of my PEP 8015 is a deliberate choice to get more contributors onboard. As Gregory explained in length, we do have many protections against mistakes, and tooling to fix mistakes (like revert a change). I also became a strong believer of the mentorship church :slight_smile: Assigning a mentor before and after a promoting reduces the risk of mistake even more.