Problem with connecting the python-telegram lib to the project

Hello. I’m having trouble importing the python-telegram lib into my project. I installed it with the command pip install python-telegram, and the installation was successful, but when I try to use this library by writing in pycharm “from telegram.client import Telegram” (as stated in the documentation), pycharm says that there is no Telegram class in telegram.client. What can help? Python version 3.10.7, Windows operating system.

What exactly does pycharm say? Copy and paste the exact message, don’t summarise it.

If you ignore it, and try to run the code from telegram.client import Telegram instead, what happens?

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When I tried to just write to the script from telegrm.client import Telegram, running the code returned an error: AttributeError: module ‘signal’ has no attribute ‘SIGQUIT’