Problem with host

I need help I am new in python. so I use Django and set database setting
the problem is this

my host set is ‘HOST’: ‘’, example.

I recieved this
from my service provider and that not true.

How did you receive that hostname?

How do you know that is not true?

So here is check please

By salvador via Discussions on at 26Apr2022 13:40:

So here is check please

It would be better for us if you could copy/paste the text format of
that screenshot here i.e. copy/paste the DATABASES django setting
clause and the entire stacktrace from the bottom panel.

For others on email:

  • he’s got a MySQL database definition for django, with the MySQL host
  • he’s got a stack trace showing en error which is an access denied
    error for his db username @''

This demonstrates:

  • there is a listening MySQL database at host target hostname
  • it has not been configured to accept connections for his db username
    from the host he’s running his application on

The @'' is the reverse lookup of your local host's IP address. It implies to me that your local machine has the address` - that will be your external address
on the public internet at the time you ran your test.

I’m somewhat concerned that you seem to be accessing a database over the
public internet, in that is a publicly routable
address. That implies that your database is exposed to the public
internet. Normally this should be avoids, as it is a serious security

Usually a database should be accessable only on a trusted private local
LAN. You you need access to it from an external point you would do so
via a secure remote connection such as a VPN or ssh tunnel.

Having your database exposed on the public internet leaves it open to
attack, and since you appear to be connecting using password
authentication this means people can brute force the credentials.

Cameron Simpson

thnks was password error I fix it