Problem with import

Hi everibody I need help I don’t know what happens with this import.
the folder is Users and I got inside this. there is a class Acciones: but not working

from Users import acciones
from acciones import  *

May fix the error. Dot is generally used in packages, not in basic modules.

I think so,

from Users.acciones import *

should work, the problem is with the . before Users

well the . was testing I delete it and send thiis error

maybe use the same way again,

from usuario import *


from usuario import Usuario as model

in Users/

I change it both way but send me this error.

maybe this would work,

from Users.usuario import Usuario as models

in Users/

maybe need to specify path from the directory one is running the program, we run the program, therefore need to specify paths from the directory where is present.

if we were running the program Users/
then would have to specify,

from usuario import Usuario as model

in Users/

You can try appending acciones’ path to the system path.(not permanently)(i am not sure if it is recommended by others but works)

import sys
from acciones import *

thnks willl try

It work perfect Mrs Sandra Thnks too much