Problème de verssion speech_recognition

je suis nouveau sur python et je n’ai pas trouvé sur internet la solution. Quand je veux importer speech_recognition j’ai cette erreur qui apparait : module not found error: no module named ‘speech_recognition’
j’ai donc vérifié la version et mon package qui est en 3.10.0 alors que mon python était en 3.11 alors j’ai installé en 3.10 sur le microsoft store sauf qu’il est en version 3.10.11
je ne sais donc pas comment faire pour que ça marche


The package speech_recognition isn’t part of the standard distribution, so you’ll need to install it yourself from the Windows command line (“Command Prompt” window):

py -m pip install speech_recognition

py is the Python Launcher. py -0 will tell you which versions of Python you have installed that it knows about. py -h will show you the help info.

Quand je lance ma commande j’ai cette erreur qui apparait :
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement speech_recognition (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for speech_recognition

sauf que quand je fais pip install SpeechRecognition ça m’installe bien le package. Avez vous une solution ?

Please show a complete error message by copying and pasting from the terminal, including the Pip command(s) that you use and all the output you get, and format it like multi-line code following the advice in the pinned thread. This will allow us to confirm what actually went wrong.

The most likely reason is that the library you want to install does not support the version of Python you are using.

The error that you mention looks like one that comes from Pip. Are you, perhaps, using an IDE such as PyCharm, and asking it to set up packages for you? That will run Pip for you behind the scenes; and in many cases, a PyCharm project will try to run your code (and install third-party libraries) for a separate Python environment - it may not be the one where you manually installed the library.

le message d’erreur complet est :
python C:\Users\timot>pip install SpecchRecordition ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement SpecchRecordition (from versions: none) ERROR: No matching distribution found for SpecchRecordition

Et oui je pense que c’est un problème de version entre les deux
Merci de votre aide

“SpecchRecordition”? Did you copy and paste the message or retype it?

I’ve just tried it myself and I found that I’d misspelled it. Sorry about that.

py -m pip install SpeechRecognition

You said that you installed Python from the Microsoft Store. Personally, I install the ones from

Windows installer (64-bit)
The name of the installer is python-3.11.6-amd64.exe.

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Une fois installé python-3.11.6-amd64.exe je regarde la version c’est bien la version 3.11.6 mais quand j’écris la commande, j’ai cette erreur:

C:\Users\timot>py -m pip install SpeechRecognition
C:\Users\timot\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python311\python.exe: No module named pip

Savez vous pourquoi ?

There is a setting in the installer to include pip. Perhaps that wasn’t set.

Try running the installer again and select “Modify”. In the page titled “Optional Features”, ensure that “pip” is turned on, click “Next”, and then “Install”.

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j’ai tous réinstallé en faisant attention que le module soit bien cochez mais j’ai toujours cette erreur

Well, to be pedantic, there isn’t a wheel for Python 3.11, but there’s the source distribution.