Problems to install PYZO

I use Python 3.9 on Windows 10 with IDLE without any problem.
I would like to test PYZO and I have installed it in the same directory as Python.

but Pyzo can’t find Python, I strictly followed the procedure indicated in the guide with “edit shell configuration”.

I encounter 2 difficulties:

1- what is the way to find “pythonPath” that I have to specify.

2- Moreover I entered the path above for python.exe …But I got the message below:

“”‘C:\Users\XX’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, an executable program or a command file. The specified path is not found. The specified path cannot be found.
The process failed to start (invalid command?). (1)""

I also tried this way: C:\Users&Fanou\AppData\Local\Programs
but I got the same message

By the way I don’t understand why we find python.exe in 2 different places … Which one is the good one ?

Thanks for your help

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my problem is SOLVED!
the reason is that the correct path to indicate in the .exe box when you want to create the shell, is not the one indicated in the guide or on the forums.

In fact with Python 3.9 the right path is the one that leads to py.exe, for me it’s :


I had the same problem in other cases … the guides probably have not been updated
thank you all the same

sorry but I don’t know how to put the post as ‘solved’

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thank you so much!! i have looked at so many people’s answer that had so called solutions to the problem and i finally saw yours and it’s finally working! thank you!

I am happy to have help you