Programming code for using python bot

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Hi - Did you have a question about this?

As Edsger Dijkstra once wrote “numbering should start at zero” (E.W. Dijkstra Archive: Why numbering should start at zero (EWD 831)) Python list indices start at index 0 and the value at squares[0] happens to be 1, apparently since someone skipped calculating the square of 0 :slight_smile:

You missed that the first line says squares- instead of squares= and the second line says square instead of squares.

I actually didn’t miss that - I thought it was just a typo. Thought of adding it to my note - but that seemed a bit pedantic :slight_smile: But I might have misread it. Perhaps the OP did want to subtract a list from something else?? Or perhaps this was not meant to represent code? Anyway… (The main reason I commented at all was because it allowed me to quote Dijkstra.)

…I know that forums normally don’t have anywhere near the standards for asking questions or seeking help that actual Q&A sites might (as in, they might expect you to ask a specific question and not be simply “seeking help” at all) - but at this level I question whether there’s any point in trying to guess the intended meaning behind the post.

@kknechtel I’m afraid you’re right about that… It’s kinda depressing. – I have actually been searching a bit in the FAQ to see if there were some guidelines for newbies about how to post questions, but those seem to be pretty minimalistic…