Project size increase

Hey everybody,

Could anybody take a look on Limit Request: dependency-injector - 20 000 MB · Issue #1254 · pypa/pypi-support · GitHub?


You posted this issue 21 hours ago! Have a little patience. Perhaps the
relevant person is on the other side of the planet, asleep. Or working
on their day job. This stuff is almost all run by volunteers.

(There seems nothing unreasonable in the issue itself.)

Cameron Simpson

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Sir, I’m also a person running an open source project after a daily job. I thought we all here are in the same boat. I don’t look for any problems. I look to publish a hofix for another person from our boat. If can you help - please, do. And thank you.

We are in the same boat. I’m just pointing out that it is a little early
to raise the profile of this particular request. The request itself
looks entirely sensible and reasonable.

Alas, I cannot help you myself.

Cameron Simpson

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I also can’t help.

The issue is that the data stored by the PyPI infrastructure cannot simply scale without bound:

That thread is mainly about distributions with large release files but the most significant issues also apply to projects that have a large number of small release files.

It looks like each release of dependency-injector has over 100 MB of files and there are a few releases each month. The dependency-injector distribution is one of the top data users in PyPI:

I’m not any kind of PyPI maintainer so I won’t comment on the reasonableness of the request. I also don’t know anything about dependency-injector but I do wonder whether the project could take another approach that does not involve so many release files needing to be stored in PyPI simultaneously.

I also can’t help.

I was just wondering if anyone knows why the Windows / PyPy wheels are apparently 10x smaller than the Linux CPython wheels.

Maybe experimenting with setting e.g. extra_link_args as described here would be interesting?