Properties: Icon And Meaning

Python 3.10.4 | Visual Studio Code

Hello everyone

When a Name is entered after a point (see previous entry of an Object Name), a List of Members is displayed with characteristic icons that indicate the Nature of the Members listed.

According to the Official Documentation of Microsoft, developer of Visual Studio Code, the icon of a small box between square brackets represents a Variable.

To assign a Value to a Variable, we have the following syntax:

Variable = Value

To configure the label of a Tk window, use the title Property or Attribute. This being a Property has the same Nature as a Variable, therefore it should be expected that the assignment of a Value to title, the following code would have to be applied


However, this Instruction generates the Error: AttributeError: ‘_tkinter.tkapp’ object has no attribute

To carry out the correct configuration, it must be carried out as follows:


as if it were a Method and not a Variable or Property.

1° What is the official way to refer to these “Properties”, “Attributes” or “Variables”?
Why are these “Properties” configured as Methods if they are not?

Thank you very much already

You’re passing a ‘Variable’ to a ‘Method’ that’s a property of an ‘Object’. In your example, the ‘Object’ is window, the ‘Method’ is .title() with a ‘Variable’ name, in this case "System".

I think that’s right, but I trust that someone will correct this if I’m wrong.