Proposal: Create "Bug Triage" team on GitHub

That’s partly why I was making the other recommendation for the ability to change the awaiting review to awaiting core review to be restricted to the new triager role or higher. They wouldn’t be able to block the PR (even if they requested changes), the label would just stay on awaiting review instead of changing. Currently, the same thing occurs if a reviewer chooses the middle option, which leaves feedback without explicit approval or change request. The suggestions the triager made may not align with the core devs, but it is likely to be more aligned in comparison to someone who is less experienced with reviews. Presumably, anyone in the triager role would have a reputation for leaving useful feedback.

Restricting the label changing to the triager role would reduce the net number of awaiting core review labels, but it would help to make the label more meaningful for the core devs. If an unknown contributor approves a PR without leaving any commentary and the label changes to awaiting core review, it doesn’t do much too help the workflow. At least in my opinion.

Edit: As an alternative, perhaps the awaiting core review label would be automatically added after a triager left a review of any form, but not from a contributor approving or suggesting changes. The main purpose of my suggestion was just to remove the issue of the label being added when contributors leave an approval review without any commentary.

Previously, there was another discussion involving a similar topic: Disable approving reviews of external contributors - #17 by aeros. This would likely fix the issue that this discussion addressed, but without affecting the ability for contributors to approve reviews.