Proposal: Create "Bug Triage" team on GitHub

By “come across a bit too strongly” I meant that it is a bit too strong for the triagers to be able to trigger the message. The current functionality makes sense for core devs requesting changes, I fully agree with that.

That’s definitely understandable. So essentially the awaiting changes and awaiting merges labels should remain as they currently are, and stay off limits to anyone who isn’t a core dev. Thanks for the clarification.

With that in mind, I remain by my initial proposal then: for the awaiting core review label to be triggered by triager reviews, but not contributor reviews.

Not for the purpose of devaluing the reviews of contributors, but for increasing the meaning of the awaiting core review label. Currently, a contributor can simply approve a PR without a full review or any commentary. Restricting the usage of the label to triagers would significantly increase the likelihood that the PR is actually ready for core review and improve the positive effect it has on the workflow.

As a contributor who has reviewed a decent number of PRs in the last month, I don’t feel as if this change would at all devalue my feedback. Usually the value I perceive from PR reviews comes from the author and core devs showing appreciation (either with a thumbs up or directly thanking me), not the changing of a label.

As I stated in Proposal: Create "Bug Triage" team on GitHub, the next step for that idea is to add it to Mariatta’s board for planning around a triager role.