Pull Request, how to move it forward?

Dear all,
I am new to the Python development process and I need an advice how I can realistically move the Pull Request forward.
I have created a pull request 22431 for the 9 years old issue14243. As there was no clear decision in the bug discussion which way to go, I have chosen the solution from the discussion, which I though was the most appropriate.

Now, 7 months later, I still didn’t get any formal feedback on my PR, and on the bug discussion there is still no definitive way forward agreed as everybody has a slightly different idea.

So, my question is: what is the way to move this all forward?
Who is the one, who can take decision which way to go in case there are different opinions? What is the decision taking mechanism in the Python community?

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I agree that there’s a workflow issue here. The problem is that pretty much everyone agrees that the current behaviour is suboptimal, but there’s no consensus on the best fix.

One reason this particular case is hard to judge is that there’s a backward compatibility question. Is it better to fix a problem by introducing backward incompatible behaviour, or to fix it by adding a new feature that in essence allows the user to select the non-problematic behaviour, while leaving the existing backward compatible behaviour as the default?

(I’m deliberately not stating my preferences here, as I want to keep the focus on the procedural issue. I hope my description was reasonably unbiased.)

Decision by consensus is not working here, but there’s no “expert” listed for the tempfile module, to make a unilateral decision. And yet this is too trivial to need the SC to be involved.

One possible way forward is for some core dev to just make the decision, on the understanding that it’s an essentially arbitrary choice at this stage and we’re no longer looking for everyone to agree, just for someone to take action. I’m willing to do that, if we can’t find a better solution.

PS @Ev2geny one thing you will need to do is to update the docs (Doc\library\tempfile.rst) as part of your PR. But it’s fine to wait on that until we know the way to proceed.