Pulling patterns out of data (Excel pivot table example)

Hello all, I’m somewhat new to data analysis (and Python in specific)

I have an Excel spreadsheet in the following format:

n1593 m1037 E192 a10
n8322 m1037 E192 a10
n7499 m17 E961 a59
n1931 m1205 E380 a59
n3953 m1205 E380 a59
n4279 m1205 E380 a59
n5738 m1205 E380 a59
n6689 m1205 E386 a51
n6689 m1205 E380 a59
n7171 m1205 E1234 a10
n7171 m1205 E119 a59
n8280 m1205 E380 a59
n8388 m1205 E380 a59
n8737 m1205 E380 a59
n12263 m1205 E386 a51
n12263 m1205 E380 a59
n12364 m1205 E380 a59
n1793 m491 E386 a51
n1793 m491 E408 a54
n1793 m491 E467 a54
n1793 m491 E1086 a54
n1793 m491 E1112 a54
n1793 m491 E216 a55
n1793 m491 E1056 a55
n2093 m491 E408 a54
n2093 m491 E467 a54
n2093 m491 E1086 a54
n2093 m491 E1112 a54
n3553 m491 E408 a54

The ‘N’ column represents names of users
The ‘M’ column represents their managers
The ‘E’ column represents an entitlement (or permission) the user holds
And the ‘A’ column represents the application (or system) the entitlement resides on

The data is represented in numbers like this to scrub the data and ensure NPI/PII does not leak.

Here is a portion of a pivot table of the data with managers representing the rows and application names representing the columns (with the counts of how many users that manager has with access to that application):

I have highlighted some examples in boxes of patterns I would like to identify in the data but I am unsure of how to logically do this (I hope the sheet comes out big enough to see in the final post). I would imagine the vertical patterns would have different logic than the horizontal patterns.

Can someone tell me the logic of how to accomplish this in Python (or perhaps there are tools out there to get this done even simpler)?

Much appreciated!