py-libp2p Open Maintainers' Call, all are welcome (peer-to-peer, async, distributed systems, networking)

I’m the community architect for the libp2p project and one of our main implementations is in Python. The libp2p project has been going since 2016 and it is the networking layer in many blockchains–such as Ethereum and Filecoin–and distributed filesystems such as IPFS.

We have an open maintainers call every month where we work on peer-to-peer networking problems and building global scale distributed systems. The next py-libp2p meeting page is here: py-libp2p Open Maintainers’ Call. I’m happy to invite the broader Python community to join in; all are welcome. Our full calendar of libp2p meetings is here as well: libp2p Events Calendar · Events Calendar

If you have py-libp2p questions, feel free to ask them in our discussion forum on GitHub. We’re also on slack, discord, and telegram. I hope to meet some of you soon.

Cheers! :beers: