PyCon US 2020 - do we want be a Hatchery event?

We had a Packaging Mini-Summit at PyCon US 2019 (PyCon US Packaging Mini-Summit 2019) and it was a fairly productive summit.

There was a desire expressed by quite a few folks to have a more structured event, during the conference days, possibly as a part of the hatchery program.

PyCon US 2020’s CFP for the hatchery is now open - do we want to propose an event for the hatchery?

If yes, then I think we should start by exploring:

  • what do we want to achieve from such an event?
  • who is willing to take up the task of organizing such a summit?

(PS: Please don’t call this one a mini-summit. :P)

I’ve got finals coming up in college but hey, I wanted to make sure that this discussion is initiated. I’m basically posting this and vanishing for a week. (Sorry!)

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Yes, 100%. I was planning to start the proposal this month or in early December. I am happy to share the responsibilities of the proposal with others. I think there are a few different formats we could explore, but assuming the pre-PyCon schedule is the same as it was last year (Language Summit on Wednesday, Education Summit on Thursday), I think we should run it on the Thursday before PyCon alongside the Education summit, since that seems like it will be the minimum of conflicts.

I think this year’s structure of proposed topics ordered by rank in some way and then giving fixed amounts of time for discussion would be best, though we could also do it a bit more formally like this year’s language summit, where people submit proposals for a topic and then have presentations prepared in advance (maybe 5 minute presentation with 25 minutes for discussion).