PyPA mechanism for making "official recommendations"

Okay, so in light of what you said here, let me just restate in a different way something I have said in other ways repeatedly on these threads (and that I think at a least a couple others have said in less forceful ways):

No, there is no use in PyPA doing that. There is no use in PyPA doing anything whatsoever if PyPA does not control the packaging components of the official installations of Python and the packaging documentation on What matters is not who does it, but what is done, and what needs to be done is fixing the packaging tools available from, and/or the official documentation on[1]. If PyPA cannot do that, then there is no use in it recommending anything. Recommendations from PyPA that do not affect the official documentation on are no more useful than yet another “here’s what I think about packaging” post on someone’s blog.

End users do not care about PyPA. Any bureaucratic distinction between Python and PyPA or other organizations is immaterial to end users. When end users install Python, they consider, and should rightly consider, themselves to be using Python, period, and believe, and should rightly believe, that they can find accurate and comprehensive documentation for using Python on And, in general, they can! But not for packaging.

  1. which is a stated goal ↩︎