Pysimplegui Trap Field Entry Events

Ubuntu 22.04 Python 3.12 pysimplegui 5

I am trying to make a Data Entry Screen where each Field needs to be validated. I can trap Button Events, but how do I trap Field Events like Name and Age (below), i.e. when someone tries to enter Name, I want to be able to trap that and validate the entry ?

# Apr.06.2024
#  How to make an Event for the Name and Age Fields so I can validate ???
import PySimpleGUI as sg
layout = [
    [sg.Text('Name: ',justification='right',tooltip="Name 3-31 Char") ,sg.InputText(size=(31,1))],
    [sg.Text('Age:    ', justification='right', tooltip="Age 16-99"), sg.InputText(size=(3, 1))],
    [sg.Button("Update"), sg.Button("Exit")],
winx = sg.Window('Simple data entry window', layout)
while True:
    event, values = # Display Window & wait for an event
    if event == 'Exit' or event == sg.WINDOW_CLOSE_ATTEMPTED_EVENT: # Exit button or upper left X
    if event == 'Name' :  # THIS DOESN'T Trap Name Entry
        print('Name Validation')
    if event == 'Age' :  # THIS DOESN'T Trap Age Entry
        print('Age Validation')


Did you try asking the program to print each event that gets read, so that you can see what events are generated when you try entering the text?