Python doubts errors

def get_input(‘10’,‘20’):
# Only edit the code segment between the dashes

# ------------------------------------

a = input("Enter number one: 10 ")
b = input("Enter number two: 20 ")

# ------------------------------------

print (a+b)

do you mean something like this,

def get_input():
  a = input("Enter number one: ")
  b = input("Enter number two: ")
  print (a+b) # or return (a + b)

Hello, @uma, and welcome to Python Software Foundation Discourse!

Without information regarding what you are trying to do, we can only guess.

My guess is that it is something similar to this:

def get_input():
  a = int(input("Enter number one: "))
  b = int(input("Enter number two: "))
  return a, b

x, y = get_input()
print(x + y)


Enter number one: 55
Enter number two: 89

If that is not it, please advise us, so we can offer effective help.