Python Language Summit 2020 at PyCon US

I’m happy to announce that the signups for Python Language Summit at PyCon 2020 is now open.

Full details at:


When: Wednesday, April 15, 2020, 9am–4pm (Note, we’re starting 1 hour earlier than usual!)
Where: David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA, room TBD

Sign up to attend: (closes Feb 29th, 2020 AoE)
Sign up to discuss a topic: (closes Feb 29th, 2020 AoE)

Who can attend

We welcome Python core developers, active core contributors to Python and alternative Python implementations, and anyone else who has a topic to discuss with core developers.

Who can propose a discussion topic

If you have discussion items; seeking consensus; awaiting decision on a PEP; needing help with your core dev work; or have specific questions that need answers from core developers, please submit a proposal. According to last year’s feedback, our audience prefer more discussions and shorter talks.

To get an idea of past language summits, you can read past years’ coverage:


This year’s event will be covered by A. Jesse Jiryu Davis again, and will be posted on PSF’s blog.

Some changes to note this year:

  1. We plan to start 1 hour earlier (9AM)
  2. The room will have U-shaped table layout


@mariatta & @ambv


Just to remind everyone that signup to the language summit is still open for another 11 days.

So far folks have proposed topic like: f-strings, CPython’s documentation, PEG parser, property-based testing, and more!

We’ve received a number inquiries about the language summit, so here are some Q&A:

1. Do I need to sign up if I’m a Python core developer?

Yes please! Attendance is limited to 50 people. Please register to reserve your seat in the room.

2. Can I sign up if I’m not a Python core developer?

Yes you can. Last year we had 15 participants (out of 50) who were not Python core devs. Among them were maintainers and representatives from BeeWare, CircuitPython, PSF board member, PyCharm, etc.


Thanks for setting this up!

I mis-calculated AoE so I missed my chance to submit discussion topics. My error. I hope there are many useful discussion topics on the agenda!

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Sorry, the mistake was mine. I’ve reopened the forms. Please propose your topic! Thanks.


Reminder to anyone who responded but has had to cancel their pycon trip: find the email from the form and update your response or otherwise let Mariatta know.

#coronavirus #covid19


A number of language summit attendees and presenters have told us that they could no longer attend.
Right now, we’re waiting to hear status update from The PSF about PyCon. I heard they will make some announcement tomorrow (Friday). From there we will see how we can improvise.


Are you still intending to summit tomorrow (not face-to-face obviously)? Would a short written input on Jython be useful?

(What do you think @jimbaker?)


Hi, yes the language summit is still happening online using Zoom, over two days: Wednesday and Thursday.

Full schedule is listed here:

I think we have room for 1-2 more folks, so if anyone from Jython wants to participate, just let me know. I can send out the calendar invite.
All discussion topics have been chosen, however you can still sign up for lighting talks (at the end of day 2).

Send me and email (mariatta at python dot org) with the following info:

  1. Your name
  2. Do you agree to be recorded on Zoom? (for our blogger)
  3. Do you agree to adhere to PyCon’s Code of Conduct?

I don’t think we’ve seen Jython folks in the language summit for several years? So it would be great to have you folks!


Thanks @Mariatta: I’d been checking back here but didn’t think to revisit the conference pages. Somehow I had it in my mind more as a committee than talks (which is silly as I’d read your 2019 talk).

I should write something anyway, but for another time. I won’t take a spot, thanks: another year I’ll have something worth talking about. :crossed_fingers:


@Mariatta, I can attend and help represent Jython. I will think about giving a lightning talk as well.


Blog posts summaries are posted listed here: Python Language Summit 2020 blog posts