Python Language Summit at PyCon 2022 in Salt Lake City

We’re excited to announce that the signups for Python Language Summit at PyCon 2022 are now open.

Full details at: PyCon 2022 - Language Summit

After two years of virtual/online summit, we will be returning to in-person format. We will be following the health and safety guidelines at PyCon US: PyCon 2022 - PyCon US 2022 Health and Safety Guidelines


When: Wednesday, April 27, 2022
Where: Salt Palace Convention Center, room TBD

Sign up to attend: (closes March 25 th, 2022 AoE)
Sign up to discuss a topic: (closes March 25th, 2022 AoE)

Who can attend

We welcome Python core developers and triage team members, active core contributors to Python and alternative Python implementations, and anyone else who has a topic to discuss with core developers.

Who can propose a discussion topic

If you have discussion items; seeking consensus; awaiting decision on a PEP; needing help with your core dev work; or have specific questions that need answers from core developers, please submit a proposal. According to feedback, our audience prefers more discussions and shorter talks.

In your proposal, please include:

  • why is this topic relevant to the core developers
  • what is needed from core developers out of this topic

This year’s event will be covered by @AlexWaygood. Detailed summary of the event will be published at The PSF’s Blog.

Is this event recorded? Can I watch the livestream?

No, there will be no recording and no livestream available. If you’d like to participate in discussions, please sign up to attend. If you’d like to listen in, please wait for Alex’s blog posts after the summit.

Thank you,

@Mariatta, @ambv, & @Senthil


Does no live stream mean there is no remote aspect to the summit this year? i.e hybrid. I would imagine some people not fully able to do the in-person yet, not for reasons in their control. I for one would have loved to attend but don’t qualify for a booster shot yet for example required by Pycon or I was told CDC policies.

I have seen similar especially important events have a virtual option at Pycon and would request we consider one or you can let people like us know the reasoning why not if you can.


I would quite like to be able to at least observe/overhear proceedings, since participation isn’t likely to work well (and I’m also very unlikely to make it there in person).

The write-ups are great, of course, but delayed and lacking nuance. If the point is to share with core developers, it would be great to enable as many of us as possible to be shared-with, even if we’re not able to immediately respond.

(That said, the impact of the language summit over the past few years seems to be seriously diminished, so I’m less upset about missing it than I would be about the core dev sprint.)


We have updated the FAQ on the website to clarify the “no livestream” situation.

We understand that this is a disappointment for those who are not able to travel due to current situation. However, the format of the Summit is not well suited for spectators. It is an intense interactive discussion session among all attendees. Ideas get proposed and get shot down quickly with direct feedback. We need attendees to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, instead of making them self-censor their feedback due to an invisible crowd looking into the meeting. We understand many people are curious as to what happens during the Summit. As usual, there will be detailed blog posts reporting on the event shortly afterwards.

While the last two Language Summits were forced into virtual meetings, the feedback received from the attendees shows that they miss the interactivity of the in-person events. Given that PyCon US is finally happening as a regular conference at a physical venue, we are moving the Summit back to the real world with it. Since a hybrid event would compromise the quality of the interaction for everyone, instead we’re focusing our efforts on organizing the best in-person event we can.

I won’t be able to attend in person, but would love to watch and
listen to the discussions. Just like Joannah and Steve, I’d
appreciate the extra effort this takes.

To address the privacy concerns, it would be possible to stream the
event to the Python Core Dev Discord server. Only committers would
then be able to join in and so you wouldn’t have an anonymous crowd
dialing in.

Setting this up is really easy: You essentially only need a mobile
running the Discord app, sitting on a tripod and pointed to the
speaker and screen.


Setting this up is really easy: You essentially only need a mobile
running the Discord app, sitting on a tripod and pointed to the
speaker and screen.

This will work for other types of events, like talks/ tutorials where as attendee, you only need to listen to the speaker. The language summit is a different event where it is less of a talk, but mostly interactive discussions among the audience, not just the speaker. At the language summit, with the setup you proposed, while you would be able to hear the presenter, you would not be able to interact with our audience.

A livestream just doesn’t give you the full and best Language Summit experience, and therefore we hired Alex to blog for us to provide you with the details and discussions that you miss.

I agree with this if that is the take, but its unfair that Pycon itself is hybrid, I know this because I attend the committee meetings but associated events are all physical.

Also, am not suggesting that attending virtually means we are not willing to also participate, I want to engage in the summit but cant be in-person. Maybe we can have a poll like we do for most things. I think the maintainer summit has a virtual aspect as well.

Anyway for me I wont fight too much for this, missing a summit is not the worst thing that can happen to me, so see you all in 2023, I guess :slight_smile:


It sounds like they are okay with that.