Python Newbie - Lung Segmentation

I´ve just starting programming in python and at the university (Biomedical Eng.) we have to analyze a lung image (ant & post) and apply the following:

  1. Binarization segmentation
  2. Application of morphological operators
  3. Extraction of related components
  4. Defining sectors and creating masks
  5. Feature extraction

What´s the best functions I should use?

Thanks in advance and Have a Great 2021!

Try one library from 10 Python image manipulation tools | You should definitely read their respective documentations to choose the one that best fits your needs since this looks like a specialized task.

I’ve been using VTK in Python for medical image processing since about 2006. Although it’s a beast to learn, but has the most complete set of tools for all types of images. See for more; they have a very active support and development community at .

You can ‘pip install vtk’ for any current version of Python.