Python Packaging Summit at PyCon 2023: Notes and thanks!

Hello everyone!

I saw a few comments recently referencing the Packaging Summit at PyCon US this year, and realised that a link to the public notes of the discussions at the summit hadn’t been posted here (even though they were posted on the PyCon US website already). Here it is:

We aimed to take fairly extensive notes this year (learning from last year’s summit) as well as noting that there is significant value in ensuring those who aren’t able to attend in-person are still able to know what was discussed. We had multiple note takers in the room and I want to thank them for working collaboratively on these notes.

This post is a great opportunity for me to thank everyone who attended the event in person, for the discussions at the summit. Thank you also to PyCon US staff, for the vital support they provided to facilitate organising the summit. I also wanna give a shout out to the wonderful co-organisers @CAM-Gerlach and @FFY00 for being their awesome selves!


Thanks for posting these notes. They are super helpful for those of us that were unable to make the summit.