Python script to send message in webex teams permanent token

Hello All…Hope someone can help…I got python script to send message to our webex team/group. I able to do it…The only problem is the token expires in 12hrs…How to get a permanent token or any ideas how to more forward? thanks in advance. See my script below:

def sendNotificationWebexGroupWithImage(message,authorization,receiver):
    url = ""
    payload = MultipartEncoder({
            "roomId": receiver,
            "text": message})
    headers = {
        'Authorization': authorization,
        'Content-Type': payload.content_type
    response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)


groupId = "Y2343242lzY29zcGFyzL1JPT00vY2YxMzkyYTAtYjc33432424kLWIwMGItZWQxNTE2YjVkOTg5"  #not the original
tokenn = "Bearer efffDgyOTYtZTRkNewfwfwefwwefU0Yjg0YWM2ODgtZTFi_PF84_06829c02-7e15-4aa8-9169-a9733abferff" #not the original

AlertMsg = "Message Testing"
sendNotificationWebexGroupWithImage(AlertMsg,tokenn, groupId)