Python web dev survey

Hi all!. Hope everyone is good.

I am a Category Researcher. My work involves understanding how developers adopt and use technologies in order to get an insight on how we can help with challenges and opportunities with web technologies. To understand the web community better, I am doing a short survey to help me with community-led initiatives in publishing. In this regard, it would be of massive help if you could participate in this short survey here: All replies will be anonymous and no registration will be required.

It will just take 5 mins of your time. Thanks in advance and happy coding. :smiley:

that’s really a short survey.

When will you publish your results?

Hey Thomas. I’m planning to get at least 25 to 30 responses.

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Hi all! Thanks for contributing. It would be great if you could take 5 mins from your busy schedules as I would love to get more responses. This would be the last reminder as I do not want to spam this repetitively and cause any hinderance. Thanks for your precious time in advance.