Python wiki text won't wrap to browser window size

Sorry to be a bother, I’m still learning here.

Python wiki at FrontPage - Python Wiki will not wrap to my browser window size on Windows. I’m using Brave Browser (Chromium based).

Is there a way to easily fix this?

For development I have about 4 windows open so I do not maximize my browser window for documentation, so I don’t use sites that won’t wrap their text to the window size. Because I end up scrolling left and right.

It works fine for me in both Firefox and Chrome (both on Windows), so I’d have to say it’s likely to be something specific to your browser or setup.

Can you share a screenshot? The CSS was recently updated to improve it for mobile devices, can you also clear your browser cache and try again?

I cleared my browser cache and I turned off my extension “Screenshot tool” and that fixed it. Thanks for your patience.

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