Ah, that results from the forum’s formatting, then. This would be an example of why I wanted you to read the pinned thread, copy and paste information and properly format it.

I guess that doesn’t matter now. What matters is: exactly what do you mean by “my workspace”? That is: which files were moved? What command or operation did you use to move them?

Assuming that the files that were moved include the PYTHONSTARTUP file, Visual Studio Code will need to know where it was moved to, in order to start using it again.

I do not suggest using any books. I suggest following the tutorial provided by the official Python online documentation and otherwise looking up any other information you need either directly in that documentation or by using a search engine. Or, of course, continuing to ask questions here :slight_smile:

The reason you can’t find anything on the Internet about that file (I assume you’re trying to search for it based on its name) is that there isn’t really anything special about it in itself. It’s just some Python source code which you could look at yourself (assuming you can find it… ?). The interesting thing is the fact that PYTHONSTARTUP is used to tell Python to run that code before doing other things.

The computer is telling you very clearly that you do not actually have a file in the location described in that error message. If you think you do, then we need to see what your evidence is in order to proceed.