Question on Time series problem

I need guidance on the time series problem below. I tried to do on my own as mentioned below but it is not working. I want to know how can I update the line ‘close_AA=’

import pandas as pd
dataFrame = pd.read_csv(‘’,parse_dates=[“date”], index_col=“date”)
closeTS = dataFrame[(dataFrame.stock == ‘AA’)].close.str.replace(’$’,’ ').astype(float)

#Using the data filtered in the above step list all the closing price from jan to march assign the resulting series to variable ‘close_AA’

###Start code here

tried with ps.series(closeTS) but it is not working

close_AA =
print (close_AA)
###End code(approx 1 line)


just use close_AA = closeTS.
It will serve the purpose.

you have to filter the dates from Jan to March.
below is the answer
close_AA = closeTS.loc[‘2011-01-01’:‘2011-03-30’]