Random project I made when I was bored!

This is a project I made when I was bored. I’m a beginner programmer and I like doing random stuff for no reason, so I made this! It’s very simple and its a sort of Python operating system, (but not really since I don’t know how to do that) that uses a command line within the python shell to do simple functions that would probably be the only functions whatsoever on an older computer.
It simple and it’s nothing much, but I thought I would post it for good measure.

GitHub Download Here: https://github.com/DizzygameCo/PythonOS.git

I like it. I could imagine using it to create text files, whilst listing them deleting them in the GUI as the text interface for that is missing. How about allowing loading of a few helpful tips to display at each login, like “don’t forget to eat your greens” or “call mum, even if you are busy”. You could call it Jarvis, like in the Avengers.

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Yes, it deserves its own name and maybe it could learn (and remember!) the name of its user. Think: “good morning/afternoon Mr Stark!”. Do a version with a GUI and I promise I’ll use it and screenshot and send back my using it!

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