Read xml column inside csv file with Python

I am very new in Python and need to read an xml column inside a csv file with Python.
I can see some code on google on how to read that csv file but I don’t know how to read the xml column inside the csv file. Can someone help? any idea would be appreciated.

Thank you!

You can use Pandas

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv(‘data.csv’)
df1 = df[[‘xml_column’]]

I’d make it a function and return df1.

OP:      I am very new in Python

REPLY:  You can use Pandas

These two statements might be unworkably incompatible,.
(Although the suggested code also might be paste-and-go.)

@estertabita, can you post enough of your XML file to show the data you need to read?

Paste the data between backticks like this:

<paste XML data here>

I linked the project site. Which holds documentation.

Here it is again if it was missed;

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