Really need some help

I’ll start off by saying that I’m 17 years of age and I don’t know many things about Python.
I want help with a problem I encountered today while doing homework which is the following:
I wrote 2 small programms saved them and decided to check out my previous programms in order to deliver them to my teacher without any mistakes. I opened one with the editor and it showed me a blank page, same thing happened with the others, I opened them one by one only to see the page blank. Also at the top of the window where it supposed to say the the file name there were just question marks and numbers. Below I have a photo of one of the programms, it might be a little blurry sorry about it.

Hi George, and welcome. Sorry for your bad experience.

Next time, don’t take a photo of your computer, take a screen shot! All
of the major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) offer a screen
shot capability. Check the Start Menu?

(But don’t take screen shots of code or error messages, copy and paste
the text instead.)

I can’t tell what’s happened here. I need more information.

You say you “wrote 2 small programms saved them” – what editor did you
use to write them? How did you save them? Did you transfer the files
from one computer to another?

I suppose it is just barely possible that the disk you saved the files
to is failing, and that has caused the file names to be corrupted and
the contents lost, but that’s very unlikely. If other files start to do
the same thing, then maybe we’ll treat that as a serious likelihood.

Can you ask your teacher or a tutor or one of your classmates to help
you find your files? If you really did save them, then they should be
there, but maybe they’re not where you thought they are.

Or maybe you didn’t actually save them like you think.

I’m sorry to be so negative, but there are about a hundred possibilities
here, 1 is the unlikely chance of disk failure, 999 are some form of
“user error”, and none of which are actually related to the Python
programming language itself.

But without actually knowing how you saved the files, using what
program, and then what you did to try to open them again, I would be

Please do write back with more info but honestly I think your best
chance of solving this (assuming your files did actually get saved in
the first place) is to have somebody sit down at the computer and find
them for you, because the photo you sent doesn’t tell me much.

I’m guessing that, maybe, you are using IDLE? Can you tell me the exact
sequence of steps you used to save the files, then to open them again?

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I appreciate it for showing interest next time I’ll be mindfull of the tips you gave me and I’ll try to include more details if anything else happens in the future. Also I would like to inform you that the problem has been solved. Again I appreciate it for going out and trying to help me.