Record the top-level names of a wheel in `METADATA`?

I think this would be a nice addition that would have a couple of additional benefits:

  • It could help clearly eliminate one class of typosquatting if utlized on PyPI, perhaps by automatically setting up the kinds of redirects you described for sckit-learn. Users often are more aware of the import name of a package than the actual package name.
  • If this data was collected across packages, it could be used to create something like the command-not-found tool for imports, which provides installation candidates for apt given input:
$ pyt

Command 'pyt' not found, did you mean:

  command 'py' from deb pythonpy
  command 'iyt' from deb python3-yt
  command 'pat' from deb dist
  command 'yt' from deb python3-yt
  command 'pyp' from deb pyp
  command 'pytr' from deb pytrainer
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